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intro & faq !

☞  intro & faq


So what is this here for exactly?
This is a community that archives fic from DBSK fandom. Posting is restricted to members only, all of whom are accepted through an application process. We also hope to offer concrit workshops and challenges if that's how people want to roll.

You guys sound elite.
At first glance, yes, we do. But it's imperative that you all understand we're not here to lure the Special Ones in and then have a private party wherein we laugh and make fun of the rest of fandom. Absolutely not. We love DBSK and we just want to make it easier for readers to find enjoyable stuff. We promise to always be fair and approachable to the best of our ability and leave the rest up to you. Additionally, while only members are allowed to post, commenting is open to all.

But I bet you're slash-only.
Most definitely not! We welcome slash, het, gen, the whole shebang. If you're someone who only writes Junsu/Hyukjae or Yunho/OC, we are totally down with that too. We're not being facetious when we say everyone is welcome to apply.

Okay, so what do I need to get in?
There are a few things we look for:

Spellcheck! Betas! Differentiate between there/their/they're!

One person may interpret a personality trait in a completely different way than another. We get that. But even so, we should be able to go, "Yes! That is totally something _____ would do." Also remember that these are real people and their reactions should reflect that. Ask yourself if what you're writing is something you would actually say to someone in real life.

Every author has their own style, something that we all encourage and enjoy. However, certain things like purple prose and unnecessary formatting often put people off of reading fic and detract from the actual content of the story. Of course, this is all subjective, but it is important to keep this in mind when writing.

This is kind of a grey area so we're going to be pretty mellow about it because maybe you love writing porn or totally dig AUs. That's great. But essentially, does your story unfold smoothly?


This has mostly to do with writing sex scenes. We all know that there are a myriad of euphemisms that can be used, but sometimes simplicity is the best route. Trust us, 'molten core of pleasure', 'warm cavern', 'throbbing, leaking member' and other such variations are not sexy.

Respect the language and know how to use honorifics properly. Subsequently, do not use Korean when there is a perfectly acceptable English counterpart. Yes, sarang sounds cute, but no.

If I get rejected, can I challenge your decision?
If you agreed to a critique of your work, we would definitely be willing to hear you out. That's only fair; if you don't want to listen to us, we're not going to extend the effort for you. Please note that a second no on one application is final. However, you may choose to reapply as many times as you want with new fic entries, and  the mods will treat each application with just as much consideration as your first.
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