lee 리 (southxwest) wrote in tvxqfic,
lee 리

rules !

☞ community guidelines

• please be nice.
• spotting is not allowed.
• if possible, try and leave concrit!
• have fun reading & sharing!

☞ posting guidelines

• please do not change the default size, color or font face.
• please have the following elements in your post (no need to actually type 'title', etc.)
       ✔ title
       ✔ rating
       ✔ word count
       ✔ pairing
•  if you are unsure about the mpaa ratings, feel free to just indicate inexplicit/explicit.
• please tag your post with your personal author tag and the pairing/gen/ot3/ot5 tag.
• if your post is a response to a challenge, please also use that tag.

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